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Boat Tours "Arberia 2"

Komani Lake Tours

We are from a small village in the middle of the lake. The isolation of the place makes the territory unique, with a balanced cohabitation between the man and the nature. We want to welcome visitors from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of lake, river, mountain, wildlife, local gastronomy and culture. For several years we have made available to tourists our tourist boats carring on groups of tourists up to 30 people. Over 4 people will take care of you, so that everything goes properly and you enjoy the beauties of nature in Lake Koman and the Shala River.

The lake as lifestyle

Since the creation of it in communism years, the inhabitants of the villages around the lake have connected their lives with it.

Tourism and the economy

Lake tourism is the only opportunity that enables us to continue living in the territory, and stop the exodus to the metropolis.

Touristic attraction

The lake is very unique and contains so many attractions that is worth visiting by anyone, we will welcome every visitor.

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Destinations Komani Lake & Shala River

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Magical impressions for every visitor

Boat Tours "Arberia 2"

Komani Lake Tours

We offer every facility for visitors from all over the world, boat trips, professional guides, local gastronomy and accommodation.

Boat Tours

The tourism is based to boat trips from trips in group to private to visit every attraction in Koman Lake and Shala River.


Every tourist remains amazed by the Albania's gastronomy rich from local products and the passion of the Albanian hosts.


The inhabitants of the lake villages have converted their houses into guest houses to welcome tourists from the world.